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Impact of COVID 19 on Indian Migrant Workers: Decoding Twitter Data by Text Mining

Impact of COVID 19 on Indian Migrant Workers: Decoding Twitter Data by Text Mining

Pooja Misra, Jaya Gupta

The Coronavirus pandemic has induced a huge economic crisis. The norms of social distancing and consequent lockdown to flatten the curve of this infection has brought economic activity across the globe to a standstill. A mass exodus of workers from major urban centres of India to their native villages started. Mental, financial and emotional agony inflicted due to job-loss, lack of job and livelihood opportunities led to this. A massive macroeconomic crisis for the country with serious ramifications has consequently exploded. The present study explores and captures the diffusion and discovery of information about the various facets of reverse migration in India using Twitter mining. Tweets provide extensive opportunities to extract social perceptions and insights relevant to migration of workers. The massive Twitter data were analysed by applying text mining technique and sentiment analysis. The results of the analysis highlight five major themes. The sentiment analysis confirms the confidence and trust in the minds of masses about tiding through this crisis with government support. The study brings out the major macroeconomic ramifications of this reverse migration. The study’s findings indicate that a concentrated joint intervention by the State and Central Governments is critical for successfully tiding through this crisis and restoring normalcy. The subsequent policy measures announced by the government are being critically gauged. In addition, the authors have proposed measures to ameliorate this damage on the formal and informal sectors.

Published in: The Indian Journal of Labour Economics

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