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Critical Success Factor Models for Project Success

Critical Success Factor Models for Project Success

Virender Kumar, Rahul Singh , Amrendra Pandey

Project success is dependent on multiple stakeholders’ perceptions; however, current theories on project success are not translating into practice. Previous studies have duly captured or highlighted the need for the identification of critical success factors (CSFs) from multiple stakeholders’ perspectives. However, most of the previous research on CSFs has been carried out in developed countries. Therefore, their applicability in developing economies needs to be explored. This study reviews the existing literature on multiple stakeholders’ CSFs models for project success and investigates the existing gaps in the Indian context for project success on construction projects located in India. The findings of this paper suggest that there are few previous references in the CSFs area for project success from multiple stakeholders’ perspectives in the Indian context. Very few previous studies have proposed a CSF model that is developed taking into account multiple stakeholders’ perspectives, multiple project types, and multiple project procurement methods. Further, none of the models reviewed has evaluated the effects on all four performance criteria of time, cost, quality, and client satisfaction. This reveals an important existing research gap, that is, the need for the development of such a model for developing economies like India.

Published in: Journal of Engineering, Project, and Production Management, 2023, 13(2), 148-158

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